Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My best-ever excuse for not updating the blog.

On the morning of the very last day of 2009, I woke up to find it had snowed, and was easily able to persuade Yolanda that we should take Max to the park (Max, of course, never needs any persuading in this direction).

It was a lovely morning, and we were having a wonderful time. I will always remember that.

We could have turned back, but I figured we'd press onwards towards the bridge. Although the morning was well advanced and the snow had tapered off well before, the paved path had still not been plowed. As many of you will know from personal experience, there were patches of very smooth ice concealed underneath the snow. My experience got a little too personal.

And here I am, lying in the snow by the path, having slipped on one of those hidden icy patches, breaking two bones in my right ankle in the process. I was walking slowly, wearing good boots, and Max was not pulling me--people were falling like ninepins this winter on that path, as I later learned. I knew the moment I tried to get up that I wasn't going anywhere. I called 911 immediately--and repeatedly--did you know sometimes you get New Jersey 911 when you use a cellphone and are lying a few feet from the banks of the Hudson River in Manhattan? Well, you do now.

It took about 40 minutes for the EMT guys to find a parks worker to let them past the locked gate (which they hadn't been given a key for) and for him to plow the road up to where I was, so the ambulance could reach me (I hope at least this led to them getting the right key for the 155th St. gate, since I have heard of subsequent injuries in the park since then). Anyway, I had company while I waited.

And here the medical consultation firm of Max, Chuckie, & Max confer gravely over my case. Jerry Culligan's Max, to be specific, and it was Jerry who saw me safely home from the ER, after waiting around for hours, while I was x-rayed and fitted for a cast. When you're an NYC dog person, and you get hurt, it's nice to know the pack has your back.

There'd be some nice dramatic shots of me being loaded into the ambulance (Max was all for going with me to the hospital, and took some dissuading), but wouldn't ya know, the camera battery gave out a few minutes after my ankle did.

It was a truly beautiful morning. It was also the last time I went out with my dog for almost three months. I'm walking again now (a little better, day by day), after having surgery at our great neighborhood hospital, Columbia Presbyterian, which thankfully has one of the best orthopedic surgery departments in the country.

I was very limited in my online time for quite a while after having surgery, and my usual penchant for procrastination took care of the rest. But I'm back. And I've taken some good photos recently. And I will post them. And the moral is not "Don't go out in the snow with your dog"--it's more like next winter, when there's snow on the road, WALK ON THE GRASS.

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