Monday, April 19, 2010

Catching up on the close-ups

C-Lo, down in the park.

Gordo--one impressive English Bulldog.
Dominique seems impressed.

Jack impresses less easily.

Francesca (just call her Franny).

Bernie is a newcomer to the run--always room for another Boxer.

The Mysterious Sunbear (they say he's part coyote!).

Tyson--great dog, and his owner is nice, but you look at the way the ears are cut, and you figure somebody once had the idea he'd be a fighter. Bad idea.

Sunbear and Tyson, working out their status issues non-violently--good idea!

Chili--so called because his family found him in Mexico, while on a trip, and took him back across the border with them--don't tell Lou Dobbs!

Chili and Chuckie.

Didn't catch the name, but the camera LOVES him (editing this in--sorry, HER--see below).

Lexington--Lex for short. Which he isn't, being a Great Dane/Lab mix.

Max and Falcon--two minds with but a single thought--"Ball! Ball! Ball!".

The one and only Mister Johnny Cash. Actually, I believe there was another one, but he was much more lowkey.

The black beauty with the permanent grin is Rose--Staffordshire Bull Terrier, and like most 'Staffies' (including Brindle, who has made many an appearance on this blog), she's a mite challenging to photograph--this group shot captures her essence fairly well.

I believe this is Cherie--Cheri?--Sherry? How do you spell that, kid? Oh never mind.

Sophie and Leo.

Obi--took this one down in the park in December--before The Fall.

Just one of the many expressions of Max.

(some photos by Yolanda Garcia)

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Carrie said...

The little brown pup with the red polka-dot harness is Billie Jean :) She's not mine, but my Chispa loves to run around with her!