Tuesday, April 29, 2008

News & Newbies

Dogwood the Dalmatian has been a decided decoration to the run in recent weeks--hope he continues to flower there.

Sorry for the lack of updates over the past week--I'll try to make up for it over the next few. These photos are from the week before last.

You may have noticed that two racks have been attached to the run fence, one by each entrance. Some people prefer to hang their dogs' leashes and other assorted paraphernalia over by the gates, and the racks will make that easier. I myself prefer to keep Max's leash handy--and it's not as if he ever wants to leave the run. He's pretty good about coming when called, but if I'm standing by the gate with a leash in my hands, he'll develop temporary hearing loss in a hurry.

I've received no new complaints about "Puppy Pals Playgroup". If you see them (or any other 'playgroup') in the run, please make sure there is at least one handler for every three dogs, and let me know if there isn't--get photos if possible. You can also call Jennifer Hoppa, Parks Administrator for Northern Manhattan. Her phone numbers are included in the essay in blue letters, over to your right. Three dogs per person is the rule, and all run users are expected to stick to it, particularly when they are bringing groups of ten or more dogs, for the purpose of turning a profit.

At the present time, it seems that these businesses do not need a license from the Parks Department to use city dog runs--as long as they aren't actually selling anything on Parks property. This probably doesn't count, but PPPG did put up this flyer in the run to plug a new service--apparently for more mature dogs, including graduates of Puppy Pals.

Seriously, please do email me if you have any information on businesses using the dog run--we need to stay on top of this. My email addy is here on the front page, at the tail end of that that same dog run etiquette essay that has Jennifer Hoppa's phone numbers.

Moving on--Jack is no newbie, but he was away from the run for a few weeks, and we're very happy to see him back.

Somebody left a pet carrier on the storage bin, inside the run. It's not there anymore. I just thought I'd mention it.

Taylor, a very playful Husky puppy, who led some of the older dogs at the run on a merry chase. If you have the time, read this NY Times article on what researchers have learned about sled dog stamina, and wonder to yourself if that applies to other dogs as well. It would sure explain a lot.

Puppy the Pit Bull is kind of a newbie--Xocha the Saint Bernard, not so much--but hey, a good tussle is a good tussle.

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