Friday, May 9, 2008

A nice cool dry Wednesday evening (enjoy it while it lasts).



Dogwood and Leo (there's a lot of Leo in this update--he poses so nicely).



Jager (pronounced 'yaygur'--German for hunter).

Leo is staying with Mario Andrews for a bit--Irina is in Moscow. How does that Cole Porter song go? "Too bad--you can't take dogs to Moscow--no wonder we frown." Something like that. While probably missing his people, Leo was taking some consolation from the admiration of his many fans at the run.

Leo is unneutered--and loved by all. Some unneutered males cause problems in runs. So do some neutered males. So do some spayed females. So do some Pit Bulls. So do some Pomeranians. So do some people (well, not mainly at the Rocky Run, thankfully). I'm all for keeping the peace. I'm all for being careful. I'm not for segregation. I'm not for stereotypes. By their fruits ye shall know them. Flower on, Leo.

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