Monday, April 28, 2008

Photos from Friday.


Trinity (Smooth Fox Terrier).

Dakota (left) and Ocean have a barking match.

Xocha (center) willingly surrenders to Red and Georgia.

Still just a puppy.




Chico (who IS the man, as he sees it).
(Some photos by Yolanda Garcia)

A lot of the time, I snap what should be a great photo of a dog, and it turns out blurry, dark, or fuzzy (in a bad way), because the dog moved his head at the exact wrong time, the light conditions were poor, I don't know anything about photography, etc. Some dogs are much easier to photograph than others--and it's easier to get dogs I already know to look at the camera long enough.

If you're looking for pictures of your pooch and not finding any, rest assured, I'll keep trying to represent all the Rocky Run Regulars here. And since there'll always be new regulars, I guess this will always be a work in progress. Digital cameras are improving, and my limited skills as a photographer are showing some signs of progress as well. No, seriously.

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