Wednesday, April 2, 2008

In Memoriam: Olive the Beagle

Olive (holding toy) and friend.

On several occasions, I've featured photos of Linnea, a lively lovely little pit mix, here on Washington Tykes. The camera loves her, and so do most of the people and dogs she meets in her adventures.

Linnea lives with Anna Pettersson, who just emailed me about an unhappy anniversary--one year ago today, her previous dog, Olive Oyl, was lost from the J. Hood Wright Park dog run..

I never met Olive--we were still just beginning to introduce Max (and ourselves) to the local dogs and their people, at the time she disappeared. Some time later, we met Anna with Linnea, down in Fort Washington Park, and heard Olive's story from her.

As happy as I am to know Linnea, that's how sad I feel to never have known Olive. I'm honored to have this blog serve as a means for Anna to memorialize a beloved companion and friend.

The dogs of our present and future can never replace the dogs we've known and loved in the past. They don't need to, because every dog we share our lives with will, over time, burrow his or her way into our hearts--and somehow, there's always just a little more room, another bit of unused empty space, just waiting for exactly the right pesky pooch to keep it warm and full.

Max can never replace Peggy for Yolanda and myself--but we see bits and pieces of her in him, along with all the other dogs we've known. Every dog is special and unique. Every dog is also part of every other dog. In loving one dog, we love them all. In loving all dogs, we love the one exasperatingly irresistible mutt we can never forget.

For Olive Oyl, The Beagle
10/3/04 – 4/3/07

About 3 ½ years ago, a tiny beagle puppy was born. Her name was Olive Oyl. Olive did not stay at all long enough among us, but during her short time here, all who met her came to love her. This is to commemorate her formidable little personality and indomitable spirit.

Olive was lost from the dog run on Fort Washington Avenue on April 2nd last year. The next day she passed away after being attacked by a group of feral dogs in Highbridge Park. While her ending was so very sad, I try to remember her the way she was before this all happened and think about the happiness she brought to everybody around her.

I will never forget Olive. She was my first pup and such an incredible little creature. The other unforgettable thing about her is how all my and her friends came out to look for her after she disappeared. During those days there was an endless stream of caring, helpful dogs and owners that patrolled the streets where she had last been seen. To all of you who were among them, I cannot thank you enough. A very special thanks, however, is due to Olive’s best friend Beau and his mom Diane, for they were the ones who kept me sane through those horrible days and through the months that followed.

Olive, part of you will be with me always.


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