Thursday, October 18, 2007

Just a reminder--this Saturday is Clean-up Day

I posted about it in late September, but I would like to think the blog has picked up a few readers since then. It's from 10am to 2pm, refreshments will be provided, along with the needed equipment. Best of all, our run manager Bailea will be present, and more than happy to answer questions, listen to suggestions, etc. Bailea moved to Brooklyn some time ago, after co-founding the run, while continuing to do virtually all the behind-the-scenes administrative work that keeps the run going. She told me she'd be happy to continue as our manager, but certainly wouldn't object if somebody still living in the neighborhood wanted to take over the reins (leash?). If you're interested, ask her about it on Saturday.

I spoke to Bailea on the phone earlier this week, and she had great news--the long awaited grant money from the Medical Center Neighborhood Fund will be available by the end of this month. For this much-appreciated gift we can thank the employees of the nearby medical institutions (a number of whom bring their dogs to the Rocky Run) for contributing their hard-earned money to improving the community we all share.

(Btw, the article about the MCNF I linked to above is a bit out of date, though informative--you can find more recent contact information here--just scroll down the page a bit).

It's not a lot of money, but it's sufficient to make some improvements to the run--possibly the double gates we've been needing, but there's apparently a chance we don't need to spend the grant money on those, in which case we can apply the grant to other improvements, the nature of which could certainly be discussed on Saturday.

We've only got one pile of wood chips in the run now, which isn't enough--the Parks Dept. is supposed to bring more before clean-up starts. But in any event, the dogs are having fun playing King of the Hill with the existing pile.

(UPDATE: Alice informs me that more wood chips have been delivered, so there should be plenty for tomorrow.)

The ground will probably be wet, which will at least make conditions less dusty for us to work in. The rain should have ended before 10am, and temperatures should be pleasant.

See you there.

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