Sunday, October 21, 2007

Fall Clean-up Day, 2007: Part One



Many thanks to everyone who came yesterday. Due to the large turn-out, we got the work done with time to spare. The Parks Dept. provided sufficient wood chips this time, and we had all the tools and equipment we needed. Bailea Rehberg, our devoted run manager, did a fantastic job organizing the day. For anyone who has ever asked the question; "Do we have a run manager?", here is proof positive that we do.

And the dogs, of course--what can we say about their superlative efforts? Mainly "Shoo!", "Watch out for that rake!", "STOP that!", "Get out of the way of that wheelbarrow!", "I have to throw you the ball again?", etc, etc. But everybody had a good time, nobody got out of the run when they weren't supposed to, and if the dogs couldn't help with the work at hand, they at least provided sparkling entertainment for the clean-up crew.

Lots of pictures--too many for one update. I'll post more later tonight, and maybe tomorrow, and maybe the day after that. Uploading photos from a computer is generally the most time-consuming part of blogging, but well worth it in this instance, I hope you'll agree.


Anonymous said...

Chris -

Your pictures and commentaries are so great. - Thank you so much for your charming comments and fantastic pictures - especially of me!!!

Guess who? Jack. Jack Johnson

Chris said...

Thanks, Jack. I'm flattered you like my photos, even though I must take into account your lack of color vision and limited depth perception. Even so, I have always known you to be a boxer of exquisite taste, as is evidenced by the human you associate with. ;)