Friday, September 28, 2007

Fall Clean-up Day is Saturday, October 20th--feel free to chip in!

There will now be a pause for the obligatory 'bad-pun' groans.

Anyway, it's from 10am to 2pm, and will primarily involve raking up the old wood chips and dumping them, then spreading out fresh wood chips, provided by the NYC Parks Dept, along with the needed tools (work gloves will also be provided). And if you've been to the run lately, you know the work needs doing. There are only two clean-ups a year (spring and fall), so there's a lot that has to be done.

You're welcome to bring your dog--many people do, and it's nice to have them there as a reminder of who we're doing all this work for. However, a word of caution: last time, we brought Max, and very nearly lost him. He was inside the run, but got out when somebody opened the gate. We never saw it happen, being engrossed in our labors. Thankfully another regular saw him wandering around outside, and brought him back inside. Given that the run is right next to Riverside Drive, this was no small favor. If we bring him this time, we'll be a lot more careful.

So watch out for your dog--and everybody else's as well. During clean-up, people are constantly coming and going through the gates, and the dogs often get restless, since their people aren't playing with them. I intend to suggest on the day that at least one person be responsible for watching them at all times--we can take turns. It's a less physically demanding job, but knowing our dogs, not necessarily an easier one.

And yes, we still need double-gates installed, which might make this less of an issue, but our run manager Bailea and I have been playing phone-tag lately, so I don't know if she's made any progress in terms of getting the funds for them. I'd assume she'll be there on Clean-up Day, as she was for the last one, so it's a good chance to ask her how things are going. We certainly owe Bailea a huge vote of thanks for all the work she's continuing to do in terms of maintaining and improving the run, even now that she no longer lives in the neighborhood.

By all means bring your dog, if you want--but on Clean-up Day, all you need to bring is a strong back, and your hands. The dogs, lacking hands, are excused from manual labor. But will be happy to supervise, I'm sure. Again, let's keep an eye on them, while they keep an eye on us.

In somewhat related news, the city has finished replacing the stretch of sidewalk alongside the run. You can easily figure out where the new concrete begins, and the old concrete ends. What I can't figure out is why they replaced that particular part of the sidewalk, and didn't continue further south. I'm not complaining, just wondering. Oh well. The important thing is that we can walk to the run unobstructed. Until the next thing that obstructs us.

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