Sunday, January 6, 2013

The run fence is fixed (mostly)

I only found out this weekend, but the work was done last Thursday.   There's room for improvement there, especially on the north side of the south gate.  It's a patch job--they didn't completely replace the damaged sections of fence, but used the supplies they had to hand to get the existing fence back in fairly decent working condition. 

To sum up the events of recent weeks, a section of run fence was damaged by large tree limbs felled by Hurricane Sandy.   We weren't sure who was going to be paying for the needed repairs, and were looking into the existing options--but then a parks truck showed up full of wood chips (a byproduct of all those fallen tree limbs), that we hadn't requested, but which they decided to give us anyway, because they had to put them somewhere.   These were dumped right outside the south gate--and then the truck was accidentally backed into a previously undamaged section of run fence, wrecking it even worse than the fence on the other side of the gate was wrecked by Sandy.  Whoopsy.

As unfortunate as this was, it did neatly resolve the issue of who was responsible for getting the fence fixed, and while it took a bit longer than expected (there are apparently only three parks maintenance workers responsible for fence repair for all of Manhattan), the job did get done, and we're very grateful.   We were also informed there were slight compatibility problems between the original run fencing purchased by us when the run was founded, and the materials the parks maintenance people have on hand to repair it, but this was not an insurmountable difficulty.   It does mean you'll have no trouble spotting the areas of fence that were repaired. 

The day may come when the whole fence needs to be replaced, but that is hopefully some time off.   Right around the south gate there are a few tiny gaps at ground level that a very small dog might be able to get through, if he or she really wanted to, but I haven't seen or heard of any such incidents occurring.   We'll work on getting the fence into even better condition in the near future, but let's just be thankful the issue has been mainly resolved in about two months time.  

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