Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Update on the run fence.

Basically, the run is open for business, but as you can see, the fence is going to need some work.   Volunteers managed to clear away the large tree limbs that fell during Hurricane Sandy, and the fence, while badly damaged, is intact enough to keep all but the most athletic and impulsive dogs inside.  

It's unclear at this point how much it will cost to effect repairs, or how long that will take.   And a small corner at the south end of the run is closed off for now.   Obviously when you get to the run, make sure the fence is still in good enough shape to keep your dog from straying out to Riverside Drive.   I'll post more updates when we've got a better idea how long (and how much) it's going to take to get us back to where we're supposed to be.   Many thanks to the members of our community who pitched in to make sure that our dogs can safely play at the Rocky Run. 

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