Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Shelter Food Drive a huge success

I'll try to get photos from clean-up posted presently, but wanted to post this photo Marc sent me, of Michel  standing by his Ford Escape, which is crammed to maximum capacity with food donations for Animal Haven.  They were blown away when Marc and Michel arrived out of the blue at their Centre Street headquarters with an overflowing SUV of desperately needed supplies.  Wanted to know where this 'Rocky Run' they spoke of was. 

Turnout at clean-up was a bit light this time--perhaps because the weather was so incredibly good, a lot of people went out of town and took the dogs with them.  Still, they got a fair few contributions at the run--but most of the food came from two of our great local Pet Supply stores, namely Spoiled Brats at 4 Bennett Ave. (the sister store of Furry Rascals) and Critter Outfitter at 210 Pinehurst.   Both stores were incredibly generous, on very short notice, and really made this food drive an outstanding success.  

And clean-up went pretty well too, but there were a few complications, of which I shall elaborate in the near future.

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