Sunday, May 13, 2012

Clean-up, Food Drive--less than a week away.

I may be a bit late this time, due to other commitments that day, but I'll make it.   And clearly our Brooklyn-based run manager Bailea will also, judging by the timely appearance of one of her classic signs, calling us to action.   

Remember, we're also having a food drive for Animal Haven that day.  Bring canned dog or cat food with you to the run (if you can't participate in clean-up, you can still bring food to drop off).   If you don't have any spare cans lying around, you can head on over to Furry Rascals, our local pet supply store.  Just buy what you want to contribute, then ask them to deliver it to the run during next Saturday's event--last time out, they contributed a whole lot of food themselves.   For more details, see the post just below this one.

The garden has been looking better and better with all this rain we've been getting, but rain means weeds to pull, and there'll probably be some planting to do as well.   Our main objective, as always, will be to get rid of the old wood chips, and spread the new ones, while our dogs chase each other up and down the wood chip mountains left by the Parks Dept.  It doesn't sound fun, but somehow it always is.   See you Saturday.

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