Sunday, November 13, 2011

Microchipping event at Furry Rascals--only $39.00

Dogs get lost. We hate to think about it, we say we'll never let it happen to our dog, and then we see those unbearably sad notices taped to a lamppost, and we know most of those dogs were never found again (though there is the occasional happy ending).

A microchip in your dog isn't an absolute guarantee that he or she will be returned to you in such a situation--you don't get a little tracking device with it that you can use to find your errant pooch--but it's the best available system of making sure that he or she can be identified if found by somebody else (and particularly the authorities, who have been known to euthanize dogs that can't be identified as belonging to someone). It's actually required by law if you're going to travel to Europe and other exotic locales with your dog, and it's a very good idea if you're going to travel with him inside the country as well.

You can sign up at the store, or on their Facebook page, which is listed under Dog Friendly Links, just over on the right side of the page you're reading now. If you have any further questions, call Furry Rascals at (212) 923-0000. And you can also ask them when their next puppy obedience classes will be held, since good training is the best way to make sure you never need to rely on that microchip in the first place.

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