Thursday, November 3, 2011

Suddenly last summer--actually summer BEFORE last summer

I am, as any regular reader knows, the worst blogger in the known universe. It's not something I try to be, just natural talent, I guess. Point is, I often upload pics to the blog, with the intention of making an article out of them, then other stuff gets in the way, and I just forget to ever finish the article, and it remains in draft form, buried at the back of my to-do list. For years, even.

Such a case is this--these images from the Fort Washington Park Dog Beach were taken in August--of 2010. Argh.

If you are a regular at the dog beach, below you will find many a familiar face--and one face we will never stop missing there--Duke, who passed some months ago.

So as the chill winds of Autumn blow, and we prepare ourselves for more freak snowstorms and who knows what else--remember--the dog beach will be waiting for us all next summer. Assuming there's no more sewage plant disasters. Or that they don't close down the whole park to 'improve' it. And assuming we survive the next few months. As Brendan Behan once said "Still and all, we live through winter, and the divil wouldn't kill us in summer." Though the humidity might.

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