Sunday, July 31, 2011

All clear on the Hudson--relatively speaking, of course.

The Parks Department has announced that coliform bacteria levels in the river have gone back to normal.

Sorry for not posting this sooner, but in any event it rained heavily on Friday, so Saturday would not have been a good day for dogs to swim. "Normal" coliform bacteria levels in the Hudson River are still nothing to sneeze at, particularly after it rains.

I took Max for a (leashed) walk down there on Friday, and The Parks Department did post warning notices down by the Fort Washington Park Dog Beach (as we shall ever call it), and hopefully they've been updated by now.

There was also some kind of floating barrier over by that little marshland next to the dog beach, perhaps to protect estuarine plant and animal life from nitrogen blooms, but I've no idea. Hopefully they gathered that up, because it looks like a gigantic dog toy.

I also saw a Staten Island Ferryboat out on the river, a bit south of the dog beach. No, I have no idea why it was there. Maybe it always wanted to see the George Washington Bridge. You just never know what's going to come down that river next, but as long as it isn't raw sewage, I guess we shouldn't complain.

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