Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas from Washington Tykes (and update on the food drive)

Christmas can be a hard time for dogs and cats--while some are being given as ill-considered holiday presents (a puppy or kitten can be a wonderful gift in someone's life, but should never be a last-minute surprise for someone who just isn't ready for the responsibility), others are being abandoned or taken to shelters because their people can't afford to keep them anymore. Shelters do all they can, but it's just hard for them to find enough space, budget, personnel, equipment--or food. Most of all food.

Learning that Sir William's Run in Ft. Tryon Park was doing a shelter food drive, our own Michel Pyles asked "Why not us too?" And she set about answering that question. It was put together very quickly, and I've heard a number of regulars lamenting that they missed it--well, fret not--it was such a success that there's no question we'll be doing it again. You'll have your chance, and next time we'll provide more advance notice.

In the course of four hours, roughly two hundred cans of food (for cats and dogs, but mainly dogs, of course) were collected. Every time we thought we'd had our last donation, somebody else would show up, staggering under the weight of his or her own generosity. It turns out Animal Haven will accept any brand, and quite a lot of the donated food was very high premium stuff, like Innova Evo, Merrick, etc. But we also got the shelter-preferred Purina and Iams (preferred in part because it's cheaper and you can buy more of it, but shelter dogs deserve to live it up a bit too, don't you think?).

We also got some dry food, toys, and other assorted equipment. Probably our single biggest donation was from Furry Rascals, our great local pet supply store--Zev, the proprietor, arranged for a great quantity of food to be delivered to the run as a personal contribution. No question, Furry Rascals coming to our neighborhood has been one of the things we've been most thankful for this past year, and we sure hope they'll be around for many years to come.

Caroline Sickinger and Jerry Culligan headed off shortly after 2:00pm to personally deliver the supplies to Animal Haven, down on Centre Street, where it was gratefully accepted. And of course it takes a lot more than a Toyota Corolla full of food to meet their weekly needs, but the more such donations they receive, the more stress is taken off their perpetually strained budget--and the more wonderful dogs and cats get a second chance to find a good home.

So anyway, here's a few photos from the day, I WILL get the clean-up photos posted soon, and a very Happy Holiday to all.

Jack obviously thinks he should be getting some of this food, but c'mon, Jack--you're hardly one of the less fortunate. Like most Rocky Run dogs, you're about as fortunate as they come.

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