Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Take Me to the River!

(all photos enlargeable)

That's the name of a current city government project related to our neighborhood. But our dogs have been getting us to do that very thing, years before the city project was imagined. Ahead of the curve, as always.

These photos were all taken this past Saturday, at the Fort Washington Park Dog Beach. Which you can call a kayak beach if you like, though nary a kayak was seen landing, and many a dog was seen swimming--and not only dogs, by any means.

Now what kind of dog is that?

Turns out it's a Russian Bear--ex military--not impressed by our puny American pollution. Hey tovarisch, would you mind getting that ball?

Bol'shoe spasibo!

"Everybody wants to get into the act!"

Jetskiers are something to watch out for, though they usually don't come around in the morning--this one was definitely well within the maximum swimming range of the dogs and humans there that day, and even though swimming had mainly stopped by the time he and another jetskier came by, there was absolutely no reason to come in so close. I don't like condemning anyone's favorite pasttime, but in all too many ways, social, cultural, environmental, jetskis are just bad news, and plenty of recreational boaters think so as well. But what ya gonna do? Probably not from the neighborhood--hopefully he'd look for floating heads in the water. There are also mallard ducks with babies who swim close to shore. C'mon, it's a big river, don't hog it.

Our dear friend Bailey.

Not happy to be on the leash, but he's given Mary good reasons--just not processing the fact that he's a Miniature Pinscher.

The early crowd begins to head off, but then Chai shows up with Marley, the swimmingest GSD around. We'll stay a while longer--Max is in no hurry to leave, and we'll have only a few more chances to hang with these two before they head off to Israel for an extended stay. Marley's first time there--his new dog beach will be on the Sea of Galilee. The irony is totally lost on him, and that's as should be.

A ball? You can do better than that, Chai.

That's what I'm talkin' 'bout!

He doesn't speak softly, but...

Frida--some kind of spaniel mix? In any event, a water dog par excellence--and a fearless competitor.

Rocky--six months old, not quite ready for long distance swimming, but he did a bit of paddling, and a lot of romping.

Marley, you dog. (click to enlarge)

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