Monday, July 27, 2009

Friday morning at the run.

Since I had last Friday off from work, Max and I paid a rare later-morning weekday visit, arriving a bit after 9:00am--surprisingly busy.

The young man in the picture just above, sitting with Cheyenne, brought his family's dog Rosie, seen in the three pictures below. Rosie is believed by her family to be at least 18 years old--probably older. Although they adopted her, and her origins are necessarily a bit murky, they believe she's a Eurasier--a recently created breed, blending the Asian Chow Chow and European Keeshond. She's quite unique, in any event.

"Hey, I'm a Chow Mix too--what's the big deal about Rosie?"

But Cheyenne, everybody always makes a big deal about you. If they don't, you bark at them until they do. And quite right!

Tomorrow I'll post some Saturday morning pics from the dog beach.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Ham very cute dogs ha ha ha..
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