Monday, June 1, 2009

Party to celebrate Max's 7th Birthday, Sunday, June 7th.

Noon to 3pm, show up whenever you want, stay as long as you want, but all attendees must caress the birthday boy, and tell him what a good dog he is, because he IS.

Presents--oh c'mon, we aren't going to inflict our consumerist insanity on our dogs, are we? If it would make you feel really happy to give Max a small token of your regard, that's fine with us (and presumably with him), but we ask that you do so at some point in time before or after the day of the party. With Max, you generally can't go wrong with food or balls. Though now I think on it, he did say something about really wanting a bigscreen plasma TV.....hey, it was worth a try. ;)

But seriously, just bring your own sweet selves and your own sweet dogs--Max has made many friends over the past two years and change, making Yolanda and myself many friends in the process, and that's what we're celebrating here, and that's probably the only kind of celebration dogs are capable of understanding anyhow.

We're probably going to have carrot cake--lots of it--a few other delectables--and I'm going to try and figure out how to provide enough cool drinks for everybody--if anybody could loan us a cooler or three, or an old steel washtub we could dump lots of ice in, please let me know. The dogs are much easier--we're laying in a good supply of healthy treats, and there'll be plenty of water available.

Although RSVP's are not required, it would be highly appreciated if you could tell us whether or not you're coming, or at least whether you think you'll be coming, and who you'll be bringing. Give us some idea how big of a shindig we're planning here. Just respond to this article, or email me personally ( Anybody who brings their dog to the run while the party is on is automatically invited to the party, so we've got to allow for that as well.

I've checked, accuweather, weather underground, and the National Weather Service--as you would expect in this era of sophisticated meteorological software and satellite imagery, none of them agree what the weather will be like next Sunday--might be some showers, might be utterly perfect, but nobody thinks it'll be pouring all day. Sounds like pleasant conditions overall. If need be we'll figure out an alternate date--you can always check here for updates.

I know many who would like to attend simply won't be able to make it--we'll be at the run plenty of other evenings in the next few weeks, so you can always congratulate him then--perhaps on his actual birthday, which is Tuesday, June 9th. He won't understand what the fuss is about any better than he will at the party, but he'll appreciate the attention, or at least he'll let you throw a ball for him. If he had his way, he'd be at the run every evening, having his own kind of party. Much as we want to make this about him, it's still really about us--and about saying thanks to all of you and your dogs for being such good friends and neighbors.

Think sunny thoughts for next Sunday, and we hope to see all of you then.


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