Wednesday, June 10, 2009

New developments in the plan to alter Fort Washington Park--would you believe the funding was cut?

Although I haven't been using Washington Tykes much lately to keep people informed about developments in this story, the story has continued to develop--for those who haven't heard about it yet (and hardly anyone has)--Mayor Bloomberg's administration, having promised a whole host of improvements to our North Manhattan riverfront parks, finds itself currently unable to pay for them--but we could still see Fort Washington Park shut down for months, and paving substantially increased. But really, it's just not known right now what precisely will happen. I've been waiting on several people to send me more information, but could be they're still waiting to be updated themselves.

So if you want to read a bit more about it, head on over to Friends of Fort Washington Park, and get the scoop even the Manhattan Times hasn't made yet (maybe in this Friday's issue?).

I am proud to announce, however, that the Manhattan Times has included Washingon Tykes on its online community page. We're at the very bottom of the page, but that's an alphabetical thing.


Anonymous said...

Hey, quick question: whats the best time to go to the Rocky Run? I would like my pup to play with lots of dogs and I generally go at 2pm but there aren't many pups there at that time. thanx!

Chris said...

Quick answer--it depends on people's schedules, the weather, and what time of year it is. Right about now, you'd be best off showing up in the last two hours before dark on weekdays.

On weekends, the dogs tend to come in waves--it gets crowded, it thins out, it gets crowded again. 2pm is often very busy there on weekends, but it varies.

It's kind of funny--people at other runs often complain about overcrowding. We are lucky to have a run that gets plenty of traffic, but also has a good bit of quiet time. It really helps that Fort Washington Park is nearby. To bring this back ontopic. ;)