Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I'll be getting up a report on our successful Spring Clean-up very soon, but first there is some very sad news to report. One of our first and most admired Rocky Run regulars has passed. I just found out this weekend that Tucker, as handsome and big-hearted a German Shepherd Dog as I've ever had the privilege to know, died very recently, at nine years of age.

Julie, Tucker's person, has been a great supporter of the dog park, and we all extend our deepest sympathies to her and the rest of his family. You do not get over such a loss quickly, but we do hope to see Julie again soon.

I never got as many satisfactory pictures of Tucker as I'd have liked, but here's a couple I hadn't previously published on the blog. It was dusk, and there was precious little light, but that hopeful gleam in Tucker's eyes as he pursues Augusta is how I'd like to remember him.

A dog's life should not measured by years, but by how much joy and wonder he gets to experience--and how much others experience through him. By that yardstick, Tucker had a damn good life.

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