Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Saturday at the dog beach/Max the trendsetter!

Brindle.(click to enlarge larger images)

Several weeks ago, I started trying an alternative to the rubber ball we've been throwing for Max to fetch out of the river. He swallows too much water swimming with a ball in his mouth, and it's hard for him to spot a ball out there on the water. So I got him two retriever dummies, and so far they're working out nicely. I'm posting the store link in response to about half a dozen people asking me where I got them. They're asking me where I got them in response to their dogs swimming out and grabbing them every chance they got. And of course the dogs are all doing that because Max is the epitome of cool, and they all aspire be more like him. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. ;)

Kona was an early adopter.
Why do I find myself humming the theme from Jaws?

Clever Tender figured out she could carry two dummies by putting one in her mouth, and dragging the other by its throw-rope.

But she still likes the old reliables.


At least Duke isn't giving in to this retriever dummy fad.
Never mind.

Marley & Max.

Duke & Tender.

The Hudson is tidal--not always this much beach available.


Riley (as in 'living the life of--')


The legendary German Shepherd Dog: Loyal friend. Paragon of vigilance. Master of discipline.
Total goofball.


Tender, what SPF you wearing?

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