Thursday, July 17, 2008

Last Sunday at the Fort Washington Park Dog Beach

Luther.(click to enlarge larger images)

I know, just published some beach pictures yesterday, but the light is so darned nice down there. I swear, it's not that I like the beach dogs better than the run dogs. But the run was just not constructed with photography in mind, nor should it have been--the shade is ever more appreciated in this weather. I'll get some run photos up soon. And the Dog Beach won't be so inviting in a few more months. In the meantime, in-between time, ain't we got fun?

Max and Charlotte sure think so.

As does Brindle.

And Duke.

In case anyone is wondering, the construction going on over near the bridge is not related to the proposed 'improvements' to Fort Washington Park. It's directly related to the bridge, in fact--being done by the Port Authority, not the Parks Department. Won't affect the beach any.

After Offleash Hours were done, and the rest of the group had gone off, Max and I just hung around on the grass by the beach, under the trees, to soak in the beauty of the spot--one of the best kept secrets in the city, you ask me. You don't need to ask Max.

After we'd just sat together a while, two bicyclists stopped for a few minutes to marvel at the view--the nice kind of bicyclist--you can tell by the fact that they stopped. They were planning to ride all the way to the south end of Manhattan. They were both very appreciative of the opportunities for peaceful riverside contemplation a place like this affords.

Pity they didn't have a dog--can't get the full effect without a dog. But Max did what he could.

They both asked me to take pictures of them with their cameras, with the bridge in the background. And they were happy to return the favor.

I'm far from certain this spot will always be so lovely. I guess that's going to depend on what exactly the Parks Department has in mind. And how many people are ready to speak up for the few quiet green places we have left in Washington Heights.


Marc said...

Luka is actually Luther

Chris said...

Duly noted and edited, thanks.