Friday, June 27, 2008

So what's new with the Rocky Run?

You may have noticed that in place of the crude black and white photocopied flyers I taped to the run fence a while back, advertising Washington Tykes to visitors, there are now two slickly made, nicely laid-out, fully-laminated signs with the same information and photo (only in color). Seeing them was more of a surprise for me than it was for you, I assure you--because I didn't have anything to do with it. They were up for days before I even found out about them.

Norma (Cheyenne's person) 'fessed up to being the guilty culprit. Jerry Culligan was also in on this insidious plot to make me look less sloppy and disorganized than I actually am. I'm sure I'd have gotten around to something like this--in a year or two. Or three. Or four. Five years at the outside. But I won't procrastinate about saying thanks, anyway.

One little surprise I can unveil in return--we are now listed on Urbanhound. I was contacted by them on May 21st--they wanted a brief description. I sent them a brief description. They made it a little briefer, and they finally got it online--not clear on why they gave us a separate heading under "Washington Heights", while Jay's Run (in J. Hood Wright Park) falls under "Inwood/Ft. George/Washington Heights", but then again, we Rocky Runners are a breed apart. We may have had more participants for our clean-up day than all those other North Manhattan runs combined. The Parks Department representatives who came by that day were astounded at the number of people who showed up to help. And yet as of today's date, we're still not listed on their website. Oh well, we wouldn't want the place to get all touristy.

We are currently listed at the WaHI site, though the information is a bit dated--we have plans to install running water, lighting, and a 'doggy jungle gym'? How about a movie theater and an espresso bar?

Washington Tykes has logged well over 2,000 visits and nearly 4,000 page views in the six months since I installed a webcounter. Not too bad, considering I didn't make any serious attempt to get the word out about it until much later. I know a lot of run regulars (humans, I mean) rarely if ever come here, and that's fine--the run and the park are what's important, and the blog is just a nice accessory, for those with the time and interest to check it out.

I find a certain irony in the fact that I've created a dog-related resource the dogs themselves could not possibly care less about. I know Max wouldn't mind a bit if I stopped spending so much time uploading photos at night. But we're getting him a dog bed for the room with the computer in it, so he can be comfortable while he's stretched out near my feet, psychically willing me to get up and take him outside.

I'm having a few problems uploading photos lately, but I'll try to get a few more photo spreads up over the next week. Now does anybody happen to know what a 'doggy jungle gym' looks like?

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