Thursday, June 26, 2008

Fort Washington Barks: Make waves for ducklings.

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We had visitors at the Dog Beach this past Saturday--or maybe they'd consider us the visitors. A Mallard Hen, and her seven ducklings.

There were more of them originally--Mike (Brindle's person) says he saw a hawk grab one right off the water some days back. It was probably a young Bald Eagle--they specialize in that kind of hunting.

The dogs mainly didn't seem to notice the ducks, but Marley happened to swim fairly close at one point, and seemed curious--not curious enough to stop swimming back to shore, so that the ball he was carrying could be thrown again.

The Mystic Whaler sailed by. Dogs and ducks were equally uninterested.

Cheyenne showed up--I'd never seen her at the beach before.

Turns out she loves the water.

At first, Cheyenne didn't notice the ducks either.

When she swam closer to them, she seemed very interested.

Even when she got close, the ducks didn't seem terribly bothered--they just swam a little further off.

The duck family never went very far away--must have been good feeding for the precocial young there at the beach.

More photos from that day at the beach soon--and yeah, some from the Rocky Run as well. I haven't forgotten. But it was great to see a Cheyenne down at the beach--hoping to see more Rocky Run Regulars there this summer.

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