Monday, June 30, 2008

More photos from the dog beach (June 21st)

Star and Chuckie.(click to enlarge)


Gee, it's a shame nobody ever uses the kayak beach.

Duke and Bo race for the ball.

Sometimes the face says it all.

Xocha marches proudly at the head of a family, in classic St. Bernard fashion. Thing is, it's not actually her family. Her people are expecting a new arrival in several months, and reportedly Xocha has instinctively sensed this impending blessed event. So maybe she's just practicing here. Keep thinking happy thoughts, Xocha--and watch out for flying boys armed with pixie dust.

Yeah, the camera loves Xocha, and so do I. But seriously, big dogs are a lot easier to photograph. Star is a brown and white blur most of the time--taking a bit of a rest to gloat over a tennis ball here.

"Did anyone just feel the earth tremble?"

Cue the Akira Ifukube themes--it's TANK!

To be continued......

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