Wednesday, April 9, 2008

My (other) favorite Max

A nice group of dogs at the run, Saturday morning.

Rosie (Norfolk Terrier, in case you hadn't guessed).


"Throw Max's ball so I can steal it! Throw Max's ball so I can steal it! Yeahhhh!"

Candace, can I get a closeup? Okay, that's a little too closeup.

And here's Max--Jerry Culligan's Max. My other favorite Max.

I haven't posted any pictures of him in a while now. Hard to see why.

Jerry was working on the garden we've planted, just outside the run. Max was gazing forlornly at him, willing him to come back inside.

It worked! He's back inside!

This dog has been to Europe, folks. I've never been to Europe. Well, I've been to Ireland, but never The Continent. Max has been to Italy and all over the place--Jerry says he loved Switzerland. A seasoned world traveller. Oh stop rubbing it in, Max.

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