Monday, April 21, 2008

The Friday Night 'Fight': Sophie vs. Puppy

As the title indicates, these photos were taken last Friday. Before getting to the main bout, a few preliminaries:

Cheyenne, Max, & Ben supervise groundswork.

Bean (Cairn Terrier mix?)

Didn't get the name of this astonished-looking spectator.

Emma, a seasoned run battler, gives Sophie a few pre-'fight' tips, then takes a seat in the bleachers.

Puppy's manager, Pitou--their human informs me that Pitou is the undisputed boss of the house. He had no comments for the press on Puppy's ring performance.

And this is 'Puppy'. He's nine years old. Okay, I can see how the name stuck.

Oh yeah, this boy's a killer. But watch out kid, Sophie can be murder in the clinches.

And the 'fight' is on!

Hey, no Karate Kid moves, Puppy! I'm going with a boxing metaphor here.

No rounds. No ref. No judges. No KO's. No decision. No winner. No point, really, except to have fun. But there'll be a rematch, bet on it. And Washington Tykes will be there to cover it. Unless I can't make it to the run that night.

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