Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Fort Washington Barks: April is the coolest month.

Sure seems that way anyhow, once you've stopped wearing your winter clothes. It's cool in the other sense of the word as well, of course, when there's a lot of great dogs around. We missed most of our regular crew last Saturday morning, but were happy to see Marley, one of our favorite German Shepherd Dogs, and Fiona, one of the sweetest Shepherd Mixes ever sired.

Shepherd Mix.
Shepherd Unmixed.

We'd never met Homie before--about time we did.

Buck ambled by, and made his presence known.

He looks like a huge Yellow Lab--the Chow in him only shows up in his tongue.

Yep, he's big. But not the kind to throw his weight around.

Max wanted to go swimming. He swims as well as any retriever, but he doesn't have a retriever's coat, so he's got to stick to dry land for the winter. It was almost warm enough....

Guess you've got to take the leap sometime.

(some photos taken by Yolanda Garcia)

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