Thursday, February 7, 2008

Superbowl Sunday in the Park--concluded

Danny Boy arrives on the scene

Jack, Aron, & Dan (and that's Charlie, Dan's guy, about to throw the ball)

Duke was really hyped about the Superbowl


Just met Harvey recently--he's some kind of Chow Mix, most likely--his people found him abandoned as a puppy. Chow Mixes (and purebred Chows) tend to turn out either sweet or sour, in my experience. Harvey definitely tends towards the sweet. Given the unfortunate culinary history of the Chow Chow, maybe the sweet&sour reference is in bad taste? Sorry about that, Harvey.


Buck the giant Chow/Lab mix might be a little more playmate than Storm had counted on.

I can't remember the name of this happy frenetic Chihuahua mix, but in any event, Aron has found a friend

Mike and Brindle

(All photos taken by Yolanda Garcia)


Marc said...

Thanks Chris and Yolanda for the great pictures of Duke, one of the pictures is definitely going to be used as my desktop background. See ya at the park.

Chris said...

I'll be sure to tell Yolanda how much you liked the pictures, Marc. I'll be posting another pic of Duke, this one from yesterday, very shortly.