Friday, February 8, 2008

So what's new with Washington Tykes?

You can see the latest set of photos under this update (because I saved the photo article in draft form before I started this one). As you may notice, I've made a few tweaks. I've changed the blog archive, so that you can search by week. If you want to find a specific article and don't know the date it was posted, you can try the search box up top--it works--assuming you can remember something like a name that appears in the article. Something specific, to narrow things down. Like typing in the word 'dog' would probably yield a fair number of hits. We may safely assume.

I finally got around to installing a slideshow feature, which will replace the old "Introductions are in order" photo with Lola the dachshund mix(that photo still kicks off the slideshow, even though I haven't seen Lola in ages). Installing it is the easy part--the time-consuming part is deciding which photos to include, then getting them in there. Reviewing my labors today, I am realizing that given the size of the slideshow images, high-res close-ups of individual dogs tend to work better than group shots and panoramic vistas. Just a little bit. So I'll be taking some of those photos out, and putting other photos in.

Yes, you may bug me to include a photo of your dog in the slideshow. Assuming I have one. That doesn't totally suck.

I've thought about fiddling with the template, etc--but I kind of like the way it looks now. I'd love to add some artwork to the blog logo--like dogs romping on the George Washington Bridge, etc. I worry that if I try anything too fancy, I'll just screw the whole blog up. I really have no idea what I'm doing here, you know. Well yeah, if you've been coming here a while, you probably do know.

Anyway, it kind of works the way it is--the white letters on a green background evoke NYC street signs. The light gray background (because white hurts my eyes) with a New York Times font for the text calls forth warm memories of paper training. Warm and damp.

And of course I figured all that out retroactively, after just picking stuff out because I liked how it looked.

If you've ever wondered, yes, there is a limit to how many photos you can store on a free Blogger account. They actually go on something called a Picasa Web Album, and I've used about 12% of my space already. I can buy 10gigs more--but then I have to pay 20 dollars a year. Basically, forever. Or I can start a new blog. Or maybe Blogger will upgrade their storage. Or maybe I'll figure out how to make digital photos take up less space. Nah, that last one's never gonna happen.

Finally, months ago, I added a counter to the blog, to see how many readers I had.

And let me just say, I'm honored and delighted to have both of you.

Kidding. Mostly.

Since the counter went up, on October 23rd of last year, Washington Tykes has had slightly over 600 hits--about a hundred or so of those hits shouldn't really count, because I only later figured out how to fix it so that visits from my home and workplace computers were ignored.

I don't even want to tell you how many of those hits were generated by people googling Will Smith and finding my "I Am Legend" article. And no, I still haven't seen that movie. I haven't gone to see any movie. I have a dog. And a blog. What has Hollywood to offer me that can't wait for DVD?

Anyway, that's what's going on with Washington Tykes, dear readers. Not that either of you asked. ;)

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