Sunday, February 24, 2008

Snow Dogs in Ghost Country

We're taking it easy with the offleash stuff until Max's stitches come out (I'll elaborate later this week), but we did take him out on Friday, to enjoy the best snowfall of the winter. Just a short hop over to Trinity Cemetery, and "Dead Man's Hill", as kids of multiple generations have called it, mainly in reference to the fact that they go sledding there after it snows--but partly in reference to the cemetery itself, of course. Yolanda and her sisters, growing up in the neighborhood, had a different name for this cadaverous cul de sac--"Ghost Country".

Charlotte was there ahead of us, and was delighted to see Max (who was more interested in smelling things, as usual).

No Max--no dogs allowed in the cemetery. Though I have it on good authority that at least one dog is buried there. Unofficially.

So hopefully the stitches come out tomorrow, but we'll see. We've been missing our offleash buddies, but for now--heal, Max!

(photographs by Yolanda Garcia--and possibly some are mine--can't remember)

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