Saturday, February 23, 2008

Howling at the Moon

As you might already know, there was a Lunar Eclipse last Wednesday night. I took Max for a walk, and rounding the block, over by the cemetery, was a fairly unconventional gathering--Jack the Boxer and Bo the Rottweiler(both of whom are featured on this blog) were hanging out on the sidewalk, while their humans (and one or two others) gazed through a telescope.

Not a common sight on 155th Street, but you never know what will happen when there's a lunar eclipse. Dogs might gain the power of speech! The Red Sox might win the World Series! Who would have ever thought it would be the latter!

I've attended stargazing parties before, but never with dogs--not an opportunity to be missed. Once Max had attended to business, we raced home, and I informed Yolanda of the gathering. We headed out with my TeleVue, a tripod, and Max (of course). And then I realized I'd brought a tripod that wouldn't let me point the scope at a steep enough angle. I went back for the right one. And then I realized I'd forgotten a necessary attachment for that tripod, and Yolanda went back for that. Well, we hadn't been planning to attend a star party, let alone a dog star party.

The moon can be surprisingly hard to zero in on when it's up high overhead, but I eventually got the right tripod at the right angle--Yolanda snapped a few digital photos through the eyepiece of the scope.

Bo and Max, being extremely patient with an activity they do not remotely understand. They got some treats, anyway. That they understood.

We were on a major dog-walking route, so we kept getting people coming by with pooches in tow (or the other way around, if you prefer), and stopping to talk and check out the eclipse, while the dogs said hello and tried to figure out what was going on. We saw some of our favorite neighborhood dogs, but the camera battery ran out, so we couldn't photograph most of them.

This is Red and Georgia looking spooky while Joy takes a gander.

I don't think 'Sky and Telescope' will be making an offer for this photo, but neat effect, eh?

Max is really being very tolerant of our eccentricities here, particularly considering he just got home on Wednesday, after spending all day and the previous night at the vet's. More on that next week.

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