Saturday, February 16, 2008

Hey, the wind chill is only 13 degrees!

What better way to spend a fine frigid Saturday morning?
Max and I hooked up with our usual cohorts down in Fort Washington Park--

Fiona is one of our favorite dogs of all time--been meaning to get her on the blog.

Ben (now this picture is a bit more like it!).

Yeah, you can TRY to get a toy away from Jack when he doesn't feel like letting go. Good luck with that, man.

Storm had her own method of persuasion--mounting Jack from behind when he had a toy she wanted (though what she really wanted was for Jack to play with her).

Smarties came down with Ben and Martha, with whom she's staying for a few days, while Caroline is on a trip--she was having a nice time, but was more subdued than usual, and there was a certain questing look in her eyes. She'll be back soon, Smarties.

The Golden Retriever pictured here is Simba--a longtime regular at the park. He and Max occasionally get a bit growly with each other when they're onleash, but they sniffed each other affably when they met this morning. Simba seemed pleased to have come across such a fine gathering of dogs and people, and we were certainly happy to see him.

Up at the Rocky Run a bit later on, we found Leah--

Daphne (who speaks softly, while chewing a big stick).

And Daphne's playmate, Nilla, who looks like a Chow/Belgian Shepherd mix, but we'll never know for sure.

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