Monday, February 18, 2008

Game on!

Norma, Cheyenne's person, wanted to try this Chuckit thing last Sunday morning. Max, Candace, Cheyenne, and Mooshu wanted to chase the ball. I wanted to photograph them chasing the ball. It worked out nicely for all concerned. Candace is only in the first photograph (she had to cut out early), but in any event, she was playing her own game, which involved getting the ball and then dancing away when anyone tried to get it back. Which is a perfectly valid game, I hasten to add.

Light wasn't great, and a lot of the photos turned out a bit fuzzy. I opted for the quicker low-res upload, which is why you can't enlarge most of these. The action is still fun to follow.

Hadn't met Lola the Jack Russell Terrier before. I correctly divined the origin of her name--Whatever Lola wants, Lola gets.

Neo has his own version of that song.....

A thing of beauty is a joy forever--and we're glad Neo is back, after a brief illness (Neo, sticks are to be fetched, not EATEN, okay?).

Lots of dogs like to play fetch, but few respect the purity of the game as much as Max does. It's a taxing responsibility to be the one of the few beings in the cosmos who fully understands the vital importance of chasing after the ball, grabbing onto the ball, and then dropping the ball at the feet of a human (or even better, into the water bowl), so that it can be thrown again, and again, and again--but he wears the mantle gracefully. If a tad obsessively.


ella said...

I always enjoy your pictures very much.

Chris said...

Thank you, though of course some of the pictures on this blog weren't taken by me.

I'm still wrestling with the reality that if I keep posting high-res enlargeable photos to the blog at the current rate, I'll use up all the storage space in a year or less.

But I could always just start Washington Tykes Mark II. Or pay for extra storage space. Cross that bridge when I come to it. Or Max swims under it. ;)