Sunday, December 2, 2007

Ode to Smarties

Yolanda took these really nice photos of Smarties, and I thought they were worth their own article.

Why so many photos of Smarties today? Well, because Smarties is so pretty, of course. But also because yesterday I promised Caroline, her person, that I'd get photos of Smarties up on the blog no later than last night. And I didn't. No point making excuses. I can't very well say my dog ate them, now can I? Not on THIS blog.

So this is sort of a late fee. And now, without any further ado, Yolanda's Ode to Smarties.


Caroline said...

Smarties would like me to tell you that she particularly likes the picture with all the trees and the ray of light. She says it really shows a nice combination of her wild side and her sweet side.

Oh, and she says it shows off her tail nicely, too.

Yah, her head's about as big as a pumpkin now.

Thanks for the very nice ode!!

caroline said...

Actually, she loves all the pictures. Just this one especially.