Friday, July 22, 2016

Ribbon-cutting for new 142nd St. Dog Run

It opened in June, and the dogs have been enjoying it for weeks, but the ribbon-cutting is tomorrow.

It's at 142nd, and Riverside Drive, just a 23 block walk from us.  It's not nearly as big as the Rocky Run, and is similarly lacking in running water, or fancy amenities, but the site (which may or may not be temporary--reading different accounts--would they do a ribbon-cutting for a temporary dog run?) has four London Plane Trees, and four Locust Trees, providing lots of shade, and there was a lovely breeze coming from the south this morning, making it feel downright delicious on this hot day.

It also has a Facebook Page, which is something we really ought to have had by now.  Don't look at me, I'm so not a Facebook person.  But I'm a dog person, and I think this run is a great addition to the nabe.  If you haven't checked it out, do so sometime.  A lovely place to stop when taking a walk with your dog on what I always like to think of as Roverside Drive.  But if it's hot, you might want to bring water.

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