Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The July poisonings make the mainstream media--and so does the Rocky Run

WCBS News reported on it last night--there's also a very brief piece from Associated Press that is popping up all over the country. 


There's a text article, a video link--even an audio link to a WINS report, which is the only one that gets specific about location.   The dogs were walked between 136th and 140th Streets--but still not entirely clear whether this was at street level, or down below in Riverside Park proper. 

It does not seem to be rat poison after all, based on the symptoms--earlier reports mentioned internal bleeding, but the four dogs confirmed to have died all suffered seizures and foaming at the mouth.  Did it happen immediately, or after they got home?  Did the owners see the dogs eat anything?   Where exactly did they walk?  Were they leashed the whole time?  Be nice to know more. 

And yes, that's clearly the Rocky Run in the CBS News report--which is at least 25 blocks away from the nearest incident, and not part of Riverside Park.   But we have to be careful there as well, of course. 

This all happened in a very brief span of time back in July.  There have clearly been no further poisonings in the nabe, going by this rather belated report.  I'd like to know more, but I'd much rather we never hear another story like this again.  Ever.

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