Thursday, July 21, 2011

Everybody out of the Hudson!

For those who didn't hear, a fire has badly damaged the sewage treatment plant over by Riverbank State Park.

The Fort Washington Park Dog Beach is some blocks upriver of this plant, but the Hudson's currents famously run in both directions at points--it is by no means impossible that some of that untreated sewage could travel a short distance north, and come into contact with your dog--or you. And that could be a good deal more than just unpleasant.

I'd advise waiting for at least a few days--maybe a week--after the media has reported the leakage has been stopped. If your dog has a tendency to plunge into the water without any prompting, take measures to keep that from happening. And as always, avoid letting your dog swim in the river after a heavy rain.

And if you see anybody, human or canine, swimming or wading in the river, please let them know what's going on. Okay, the dog won't know what you're talking about, but let the humans know.

Max was swimming down there just yesterday morning (before the crisis was underway), and I was talking to another dog owner about how clean the river has become in recent years. Tempting fate much? There should never have been a treatment plant there to begin with. When do we learn?

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