Sunday, June 12, 2011

Cleanup #2--mission accomplished

Maybe 40 people showed up on It's My Park Day, and in spite of the lack of wood chips, a lot of work got done.

At the follow-up event, all that really remained was to spread the chips around--we started slow, with just a handful of people, but as the morning went on (with the occasional smattering of rain, but nothing steady), more and more people showed up, and the final count was around 30 people working for an hour or more (often much more). Given the weather, and the heavily improvised nature of the proceedings (couldn't set a date until the chips arrived), this is nothing short of astounding, but not at the Rocky Run. If dog run clean-ups were organized like Westminster, we'd be the Working Dog Group.

I've put off posting photos long enough--I might tweak this tomorrow if I get the chance, but let me just hit 'send' so you can enjoy the sight of your labors. And of your dogs goofing off while you labor. That's actually more enjoyable, isn't it?


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