Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Gearing up for Clean-Up--this Saturday

Bailea has already paid us a visit, and put up her inimitable handmade signs. The Parks Department has paid us a visit, and dumped some wood chips (we need them to come by with lots more). And Jerry has been busy with the paving stones donated to the run. Plenty more work to be done on Saturday, and I see the ending time has been changed to 2:30pm--so if you're running a bit late that morning, you can still make it. You'll make just as much money as the people who showed up early. It's like the parable of the vineyard workers. Except nobody gets paid at all. :)

I'm guessing the ground was a bit soft the day the Parks Department workers showed up with the wood chips--oh well, we'll have tools to fix this on Saturday--we better.

I'm assuming the steamrollers aren't for us, but they'd sure come in handy, wouldn't they? Probably want to clear the dogs out of the run before using them. But since they're not for our use, dogs are welcome, as always. And will be entertaining pests, as always. But they'd probably say the same about us.

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