Friday, May 21, 2010

Puppy Obedience Classes at a local pet supply store--about time!

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Got this flyer from Christine Corda of Furry Rascals at clean-up last Saturday, and finally got it scanned. I could have just posted the information in text form, of course. But I wanted to show the actual flyer, just to prove this is really happening--it's hard to believe, isn't it? A dog training class you and your dog can walk to--in our neighborhood, just a leisurely five minute walk from the Rocky Run. It's been a long time coming.

When we got Max (hard as this may be for people who know him to believe), he had a few problems that needed to get ironed out--and so did we. We'd both had dogs before, but Max came to us fully mature, and had been through a series of traumatic events that had thrown him for a loop. He'd also never had any real training before--not even 'sit'--he wasn't fully housebroken when we got him (long story). He wanted to learn, and he learned very fast, as dogs with Shepherd ancestry usually do--but we didn't know how to teach him. We kept mixing up our signals, and he was getting confused, and frustrated. So were we.

We looked all over for obedience classes in the area, and they were all too far away to be practical. We finally got a reference from our vet for a trainer who made house calls. He really helped us figure Max out, but scheduling was a pain, and of course it cost a bundle--but it was worth it. Max met us more than halfway, and we're justly proud of his behavior. But he's not perfect, of course, and no dog ever is, and no dog owner ever is, and nobody should ever expect perfection. Always room for improvement, though.

As I understand it, these are classes for younger dogs--I don't know if there's a formal age limit. But if there's a big enough response, maybe classes will be added.

In any event, we owe Furry Rascals a big vote of thanks for doing this. For those who don't know, it just opened its doors a short while ago, and is the very best kind of pet supply store--the kind that never sells animals, and goes the extra mile to provide high quality food and equipment at a fair market price--and with a friendly helpful attitude to boot. It's a sister store of Spoiled Brats over 4 Bennett Ave (by 181st St.), which has been the best pet supply store in North Manhattan for some time now. Whether you and your dog need schooling or not, you should check them both out. But if you do need some schooling, better get on the phone now. Never too early to start planning your new puppy's education. Trust me, he's already working on yours. ;)

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