Sunday, October 4, 2009

Fall Clean-Up Day--Saturday, October 24th, 10am to 2pm.

The sign says it all. We've got a good thing going here, and we all know it. Most of us (myself included) had nothing to do with making it happen, but we're the ones entrusted with keeping it alive, and passing it on to future generations of marvelous manic mutts, looking for a good offleash time after 9am. Our run founders (including our still-acting manager Bailea) took a garbage-strewn strip of parkland nobody wanted, and turned it into the community asset it is now. And trust me, that was a lot harder than spending an hour or two shoveling wood chips, and planting flowers. And they didn't get free donuts either, I bet.

The summer took its toll, and the run is a mess. We need those fresh chips, and the more workers we have to spread them, the sooner we can relax and enjoy what will hopefully be a lovely day. Dogs welcome, as always. To fool around while we work, as always. But if we didn't like that, what would we be doing at a dog run in the first place? I mean aside from those of you who spend all your time texting. You know who you are. Put down the BlackBerry, and pick up a rake. I dares ya.

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