Friday, April 24, 2009

Rocky Run Regulars: Benson & Gus

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Cheating a bit here--Gus, the delightful black and tan mutt seen here, isn't a Rocky Run Regular--just visiting our run a few weeks back. He was staying in the neighborhood while his people were on vacation. He normally lives on Roosevelt Island, which has TWO dog runs, and even its own dog blog.

Gus was self-evidently a seasoned run veteran, but he met his match in our own Benson--formerly Benji--you can call him Benny. Whatever you call him, he was adopted by his new people via the Rocky Run--interested in getting a dog, they had happened to see him playing there. When his former owner couldn't keep the gangly hound/german pointer/whatever mix anymore, it was Jerry Culligan who arranged for them to adopt Benji, who got very slightly renamed, very slightly retrained, and loved to distraction.

And has, in the process of adapting to his new home, blossomed from a somewhat nervous, awkward, frequently-bullied adolescent into a sociable, confident rough&tumbler, up for just about anything. I loves me a happy ending. But I loves me a nice friendly dog-tussle even more. And so do you. So here ya go.


RI 360 said...

It is nice to see one of our local dogs behaving when visiting abroad. Great photos.

Chris said...

Sheesh, that was fast! I assume you found us via the link to your blog?

Anyway, give my regards to Gus if you see him, and tell him he's an honorary Washington Tyke in my book. Drop by anytime. :)

Nicole said...

I'm late finding this, but I'm so glad to see this post! What wonderful photos!

I was the one dogsitting Gus for my mother. Actually, I have him again for a few weeks right now, since my mother broke her foot.

Joyce said...

I'm Gus' mom! Nicole and Lev have often taken care of Gus and I have heard great reports of your run.

Usually, Gus frolics every morning at our informal dog run on Pier 16, just south of the South Street Seaport.

Thanks for the great pixs!