Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Big Chill

These photos are from a few weeks back, and more than one morning spent down in the park. No overarching theme, other than brrrrrr!

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Not going to make the cover of Audubon Magazine, but this is a sub-adult Bald Eagle riding an ice floe downriver, just south of the GWB, back on January 19th. They don't get the pure white head until they're about five years old, but this one's getting pretty close.

Hark! Who goes there, friend or foe?


Your run-of-the-mill throwing ball is not going to cut it for Beauregarde, nossiree.

Winston & Beau.

Our good pal Cal, waiting outside a local Bodega. Not a park picture, but in keeping with the general 'brrr!' theme.

Smarties on ice.

Somehow Chelsea's facial expression reminds me of Snoopy, right after he's gotten off a particularly trenchant bon mot. Tender (partly obscured on the right) didn't seem particularly impressed.

Max is not the most cold-loving dog around, but he still thinks there's no business like snow business.

(some photos by Yolanda Garcia)

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