Monday, December 8, 2008

Rocky Run Regulars: Fifer, Rocko, and Rocky too.

Fifer has been coming to the Rocky Run for a while now, and being a Feist, he takes the 'run' part very literally.

Trying to photograph a moving dog in poor light is never going to yield the best results--and particularly a Feist. But these pictures give you some idea of Fifer's normal habits.

He also likes to make friends with other dogs. Probably not a good idea to try and introduce him to any squirrels, though.

I hadn't met Rocky before--Rocky, did you know this dog run is named after a dog with the same name as you?

Rocko's name and lineage are similar, but he's been coming to the run for a long time now. Classic red-nosed pit, and as friendly as they come--which is saying something.

Two big powerful energetic young unneutered male pit bulls in the same dog run--neither so much as growled, at each other or anyone else. If they were all bred and socialized like this, we would hear a lot fewer horror stories about pit bulls. But I'm afraid the horror stories will keep right on coming.

No need for Rocko to worry, though. Life's a ball, when your people love you.

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