Thursday, September 11, 2008

Fort Washington Barks: They grow up so fast.

Martha informs me that Logan is going to start obedience classes later this month. He's getting to be a big dog now, and it's time for him to learn the lessons of solid canine citizenship. Ah, it seems like only a few months ago that he was a mischievous little puppy, scampering around happily, and making the occasional unsuccessful attempt to eat his adoptive older brother Ben. And that's because it was a few months ago. Took these photos on May 24th. (click to magnify larger images)

"Thanks bro, I can use a good neck massage."

"A little lower, please."

"Ahhhhh! That's the spot!"

"Perfect, now work the shoulder muscles."

"Come to think of it, maybe I shouldn't have such a big snack between meals."

"I'd miss Ben. I guess we'll keep him."

"I'm still hungry, though."

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