Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Mastiff with the Mostest.

Tank is a young American Mastiff, currently weighing in somewhere around 200lbs, and still growing--I featured him in the very first article on this blog, but I've had regrettably few chances to photograph him since then. So I was glad to see him make an appearance at the dog beach when I actually had my camera with me.

"So that's New Jersey, huh? Doesn't look so big to me."

Another dog I'd love to show off to some of my neighbors, who look at Max like he's some great hulking beast when he comes out of the elevator.

Tank gazes at a chihuahua, who probably weighs about a fifth as much as his head.

Just a sweet playful puppy in the body of an ancient war dog. Peace, Tank.

Sorry I've been slow with the updates lately--I'll be posting a few over the next three or four days. There was a rather unpleasant incident near the dog run the other day that I just heard about--still waiting to get the full story.

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