Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Public meetings on uptown parks--if you want to go, here's what you need to know.

This week, the New York City Parks Department is presenting its Master Plan on how to spend 40 million dollars in public money earmarked for improvements to part of Riverside Park, and all of Fort Washington Park.

This will happen at two different community board meetings.

The first will be tonight (Tuesday).

Community Board 12 Committee for Parks & Cultural Affairs
711 W. 168th St. (ground floor)

Map to this location.

The second will be tomorrow night (Wednesday).

Community Board 9 Committee for Parks & Recreation
18 Old Broadway

Map to this location.

I called cb12 today, and the time and place of tonight's meeting are unchanged.

You can never be 100% sure there won't be a mix-up of some kind with this sort of event. But no matter what, we need to have a large presence at this meeting, for two reasons--

1)To advocate for the continuation of Offleash Hours in Fort Washington Park, which at the present time means advocating against spending public funds on a fenced dog run there.

2)To make sure that none of the proposed improvements to Fort Washington Park will make it a less desirable place to bring our dogs--or, for that matter, ourselves. We're not only dog owners. As New Yorkers, as Manhattanites, and especially as proud denizens of Harlem and Washington Heights, we have both a right and a responsibility to make sure our two precious riverfront parks remain the jewels they always have been. It's our money, being spent on our parks, and we should do the best we can to make sure it's spent on things we genuinely need.

I hope that at tonight and tomorrow's meetings I'll meet at least a few blog readers I haven't had the chance to meet before. And to meet your dogs at a later date. Pity we can't bring them. But they'll be there in spirit. And probably not in spirit only, the warm weather having initiated heavy coat shedding in most of them. Public policy proposals come and go, but with dogs, what's hair today is rarely gone tomorrow.

You can only scold me for that pun if you show up.

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